Time to unlock WhatsApp sales for your business

Facing any of these problems?
-No Results via Email/’SMS Marketing
-Cannot bulk broadcast to 1000+ Whatsapp users
-Got blocked using Unauthorized Bulk software?

* هل تواجه واحدة من هذه المشكلات؟-
– حملاتك التسويقية عبر الإيميل أو رسائل الـSMS لا تحقق نتائج

– غير قادر على استهداف أكثر من ألف عميل على الواتساب

– تعرضت للحظر جراء استخدام أحد البرامج الغير مصرح بها؟

Then sign up for WhatsApp Business API with Mottasl

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Time to unlock WhatsApp sales for your business


AutomationAutomate transactions, payments, and repeat questions using chatbots. Integrate Mottasl with WhatsApp Business API to help your agents be more productive.

Track Real-Time Insights

Plan your next WhatsApp campaign efficiently by knowing the status of your current campaign and its return on investment.

Convenient commerce

You can improve sales while providing customer service with WhatsApp's online store capability and rich media showcase.

Custom, pre-approved templates

Simplify launches with our template library for all your needs - appointment reminders, shipping updates, OTPs, alerts and more.

Language Barrier

Deliver multi-lingual support and auto template translation to converse in user’s preferred language

Security and quality standards

Earn trust with clear opt-in requirements, security built in at every layer and end to end encryption.

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Native Integrations with Top Tools in the Industry

Our Services Cover a Wide Range of Industries

Retail & E-commerce

Through WhatsApp only, merchants will be able to sell and promote their goods in a modern way.

Delivery Services

We can be the link between you and the delivery companies, and with us you will be able to send continuous updates to your customers on the status of their orders via WhatsApp

Travel and Hospitality

Send your customers the most important travel and vacation options, and help them book their flights and hotel rooms through WhatsApp.

Banking and Finance

Providing banking services through WhatsApp will guarantee your customers a great degree of confidence and security over the confidentiality of their financial data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many differences, but the most prominent of them is that WhatsApp Business is an application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, while institutional WhatsApp is a platform that needs a service provider such as a connected platform to start your experience on.

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp without verifying the account with the green tick

غير ممكن، لابد من الحصول على موافقة واتساب أولًا.

نبدأ مباشرة في مرحلة تأكيد الواتساب، تمهيدًا لاستخدام متصل

لا يدعم واتساب المؤسسي إمكانية إضافة حالات في الوقت الحالي.

رسائل مُعدة مُسبقًا، تمكن الشركات من إرسالها لبدء المحادثات أو خلال فترة التحويل.